Producer organisation Akkukierrätys Pb Oy

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Akkukierrätys Pb Oy is an organisation specialised in the recycling of lead-based batteries.

Akkukierrätys Pb Oy has collection points for lead-acid batteries all over Finland. Please check your closest collection point by clicking here. By taking used batteries to collection points, we make sure that batteries do not harm the environment, but are recycled and reused in an organised manner. Akkukierrätys Pb Oy is happy to answer any questions related to battery recycling. Our contact details are listed on the Contact page.

Akkukierrätys Pb Oy was established in 2008 to take care of the producer responsibility of companies that import and manufacture different kinds of lead-acid batteries, such as vehicle batteries or industrial batteries, as set forth in the Finnish Waste Act 1072/1993. The organisation has been accepted as a producer organisation by the Pirkanmaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

Companies importing or manufacturing lead-acid batteries can easily join Akkukierrätys Pb Oy's producer organisation by signing a producer responsibility transfer agreement.  Each producer is treated equally in the organisation and all producer agreements are similar in content. Up until now more than 100 companies importing batteries have already transferred their producer responsibility to Akkukierrätys Pb Oy.

Transferring the producer responsibility to Akkukierrätys Pb Oy is simple and cost-efficient and it guarantees that companies comply with the Waste Act requirements in a high quality manner. The member companies can also emphasise their responsible recycling practices in their corporate communications. Welcome aboard!